QNX 6.3.0: How can i install usb-hdd?


sry for my bad english, i will better it day by day.

i want to use a usb-hdd under my qnx neutrino 6.3.0 x86 (without any patches), but i don’t know how. :frowning:

in another thread i haved read the follows:

it will not run on my system. :frowning:
can anybody give me a tip?


Are you using 6.3.0 SP3 or SP2 or SP1 or just plain 6.3.0?

When you say it won’t run, what won’t run?

Does io-usb run?
Does devb-umass run?


6.3.0 without any patches

after type the code i can see under /dev a io-usb, but no hdd


Is the thumb drive inserted when you run these commands? It needs to be for devb-umass to work. If there is no thumbdrive then devb-umass exits immediately (by default in 6.3.0 it doesn’t hang around waiting for insertions).

You can also run a ‘usb -v’ command to see what usb devices QNX finds (again, your thumbdrive must be inserted).


my device is connected at a usb-port (works under 6.3.2) and the power is on.
perhaps its good if i type all my steps:

  1. change the dir to /dev
  2. i type following command → io-usb &
  3. the pc answers: [1] 1138702
  4. i type → devb-umass &
  5. the answer: [2] 114802
    [1] - Done io-usb
    # xpt_configure: No umass interfaces found

after type “usb -v” i see nothing. :frowning:


Do you know (from looking in the BIOS) which type of USB controller (1.0, 2.0 etc) is on the motherboard?

There are 3 options you can supply to io-usb. Those are uhci, ohci and ehci for the various types of USB controllers. My guess is the default start under 6.3.0 isn’t supplying the one you need.

Try doing a ‘io-usb -duhci -dohci -dehci &’

Then try the usb -v command again and see if it spots your thumbdrive.

If that doesn’t work, you can try starting io-usb with just 1 of those arguments at a time until you get the right one.



yes, it is.
i can see after type usb -b 4 the follows:

USB 4 (EHCI) …

Device Class : 1
Vendor: 0x152d (JMicron)
Product: 0x2338 (USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge)

But, now i can’t use the hdd. ?(


That doesn’t look right. Your thumbdrive should be reporting as a mass storage device, not a USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge. That’s why devb-umass isn’t finding it or mounting it.

You said this thumbdrive works under 6.3.0 SP3? I’d try another thumbdrive.


With 6.3.2 and 6.4.0 that works for me ( the USB to ATA bridge ). Don’t know about 6.3.0 though.


the follow is the solution:

  1. io-usb -vvvv -duhci -dohci -dehci ; starts the usb-controller
  2. plug in your usb-stick/-drive
  3. usb -v ; now it should be seen
  4. devb-umass cam pnp verbose & ; this starts the storage-driver

if all correct you can mount a new hd =)