Writing a multimedia filter


I am trying to write a mp3 plugins parser & decoder using Multimedia library supported in QNX 6.3.2 (Non-commercial version)

I am following the steps given in “How do I write multimedia filter” given in the QNX help.

Implemented the required interfaces for parser and decoder.
Both are compiled and shared objects are created for the same.

I am using the sample example given in help “Play MP3” as test application to test parser & decoder filters.
The created shared objects are statically linked with the test application.
The multimedia library could able to find and create parser filter. The next step is to find the decoder filter. when I try to find decoder filter , it is still trying to create parser. (i.e) It is not able to find the decoder filter.

Could you Please suggest as how to make multimedia library aware of decoder filter.
your help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

It is not able to find decoder since the funtion names or interface names used in both the libraries (Parser and decoder) are same. If both are different, then it finds the decoder after finding the parser.
It is basically an name conflicting issue.