are bpf fd's select()able on Qnx6.4?

I am using a BPF to filter out link layer packets with the Tag 0x9999.
before i start reading from the BPF fds i have a select() call.

As per my understanding the select should return only if there is a packet on the interface matching the criteria (i.e. tag 0x9999).

but in the test program attached the select always returns and FD_ISSET(fd, fds) is always 1, even though no incoming packet of matching the tag is available.

Hence the code hangs on the read() call as u dont have any data to read.

does select work with BFD fds ?


Qnx has acknowledged this as a bug in Select() and is working on it.

The 5th parameter of select is timeval struct, and you are passing NULL (this is no timeout). Try to pass for eg. 1 ms time out. Not 0 (NULL).

I can not ensure that is the solution, but is the only thing that comes to mind now…

Good Luck,

hey hi Juan …

i did try out all the options none of em are working … here is the link to reply on the qnx forum … y.topc6232