How to install QNX Neutrino

Hi, I downloaded QNX Evaluation Version with QNX Software Development Platform Evaluation, QNX Momentics Site and QNX Neutrino RTOS. At the end of successfull installation of QNX Software Development Platform it was said: You need to logout and log back in to complete the installation. As far as I understand, I logged out from and afterwards I logged back, but it didn’t help.

What’s the problem?
What did “You need to logout and log back in to complete the installation” mean?

Thanx in advance.

mh. i guess log out of the OS ^^. There is no real connection between your installation and your account.
Exception is the Activation and license registration, but there is no “logout” from needed.

In windows they call it reboot (since they are not able to do it with a simple logout) in QNX they do logout.

I actually do not remember a popup telling me to relog.

Yes, you can logout from your session in Windows… As I remember, this is what you need to do. Logout and Login in Windows… I do remember that popup…

Which OS is hosting your SDK? (Windows, Linux or Neutrino himself?)