Motherboard temp monitoring?

I am using QNX 6.2.0, and want to be able to read cpu temp, and was wondering where to start. Is there anything already available? My mobo has a winbond W83627HF io chip with temps.

You will need the specifications for the chip. There are a few different standards. Usually you just need to peek and poke some I/O ports and do a conversion. This is fairly straighforward, however it requires a user process or resource manager running as root.

I got the manual for the chip and this seems to be the important paragraph but I do not understand what they are saying. What is the relationship between 5h and 6h and 295h and 296h?

The I/O ports are 295h and 296h. The ports 5h and 6h on the chip are wired to these I/O ports. The chip doesn’t know about 295h or 296h, just 5h and 6h, so when you read the chip documentation it will only refer to these low numbers, even though you will access them with 295h and 296h.