gcc in qnx 6.4?

Where is gcc for qnx 6.4? I lost my 6.3 cd so I figured I would go ahead and try out 6.4… it looks nice but when you type gcc it just aint there… did a “find / -name gcc” and I get a bunch of library paths but no binary. without gcc qnx is worthless to me… is there a separate package? is there a 6.4 repository somewhere that has this?

Use qcc instead

QNX 6.4.0 x86pc x86 on Vmware virtual machine.


gcc: no input files.

So it’s there.

which gcc

Maybe you forgot to select gcc during installation process? I might be wrong…

Why is gcc very important to you? why not python?

Are you serious? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s there for me, in /usr/qnx640/host/qnx6/x86/usr/bin/gcc.

I did find GCC… it was in /usr/qnx640/host/qnx6/x86/usr/bin… I wonder why it did not turn up when I did a find… anyhoo… I guess I just have to add this to my path and I should be ok.

Thanx for all the help!!

Are you using bash? If you do the following your environment
should be set up correctly"

cp /etc/profile.d/qnxsdk.sh /etc/profile.d/qnxsdk.bash


Anyway, this seems too strange… Was it a fresh install of 6.4 from release image distribution?

just curious,

Yes, very serious.

If it is so important, why not bundled in QNX 4.25?

I can run python 2.3.5 in QNX 4.25 but not gcc :slight_smile:

Look from this side…

are you really serious about writing real time python??? I’m not knocking python… it is a very powerful language and has its place, however its place is NOT real time hardware control. I couldn’t possibly imagine what performance hit you would take by making a decision like this.

I can’t imagine controlling a hot rolling mill with Python

I’m not saying that you can’t, but … I do not ever try :slight_smile:

I seek a simple answer with my previous question:

Why can’t gcc binaries for QNX 4.25 not available if it’s the ruler language of real-time world? Why do we need to purchase a very ancient C compiler to compile the gcc itself. Don’t you think this is a bit absurd?

Besides, I don’t have any intention of writing Python based RT program. Not I but some people do write Python-based hardware description languages (ex. myHDL :slight_smile: )

Gsever, first gcc is available for QNX 4.25 ( jcmichot.usenet-fr.net/ ).

Assuming it wasn’t available and that you think that it’s absurd to need Watcom to build gcc shows a lack of understanding of QNX history and computer history in general.

In fact your comment is so out of touch with reality that I’m tented to thing you are trolling.

I can assure you that there was a ‘C’ compiler… it may not have been gcc… but there was one there. ‘C’ sucks for GUI’s, ‘C’ sucks for databases, ‘C’ makes communications more difficult, ‘C’ has many many many shortcommings but ‘C’ is the ruler of the real time world, and it will be for the forseeable future… because it gives you all of the control over speed and memory without the headaches associated with programming in assembly. As far as HDL goes, it is not real time, it is not programming, it is simply a DESCRIPTOR language… it helps draw a picture, kinda like a crayon and a napkin… there are graphical drag and drop environments for this though so I have no clue why anyone would ever use something as clumbsy as python… what does this all come down to? you(gsever) need to learn how to choose the right tool for the job.

I will advocate my previous statements and once again with a little harsh voice will say that both in your comment and in this statement “YOU MUST HAVE Watcom 10.6 allready installed to be able to use EGCS or GNU C, C++, Pascal compilers.” there is a notational fallacy.

My lack of knowledge can’t negate this fact either. If this gcc ruler of the real-time world why not it is not shipped with QNX v4.25? Why should I purchase another compiler to compile a compiler if it is the king of that world?

I don’t have any intention of writing real-time Python code. I wonder how did you make this assumption.

One more question if C sucks for GUI design what to use then in QNX world? Why do they keep promoting C/C++ tools for this purpose? And how do people design programs like Photon in QNX?

Any Compiler need to be compiled for your running system. There are just binaries for Linux/Windows/MacOSX/whatever because their market share is a little above the QNX4.25ones.
But even them need to be compiled with an older compiler fitting into the running system (excluding XC). For QNX4.25 there just is/was the Watcom CompilerIt was a nice Compiler itself. I really got used to the wd later on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And GCC is not the ruler of RT world. C is the ruler of the RT world (and .asm ^^). GCC is just a good Compiler, but even GCC can be outpaced by optimized compilers for your system. GCC is free and has reliable fast output results for overall hardware. Therefore its just a natural choice (and a cheaper one).

C is pretty fast talking about RT.
C is bad for GUI´s, it somehow really sucks from time to time with any UIapi and a lot pointers ^^.
There are a lot of UI-api that are really wonderfull, but often cannot be used with C.
Try running a full .net on an stripped embeded device. It like running Vista on a 1.5GHz with 512 MB Ram.
It will run, but it´s a pain in the … so better not talk about any RT behaviour then (even do not think of .net/python/… and RT in one thought).
I really like the idea of encapsulating UI and Logic, which makes you relativly free in your choice of UI, but there are whole chapters about in the docs and articles @ qnx.com

C is just Fun ^^.

Native is faster

Do you really want an answer, I mean really? I mean is your mind open to the world out there, to the history, the hard work, the reality of the imperfect real world.

Should gcc come with QNX4.25. Hell ya, in fact QNX4.25 should be free, with all the right tools for the right job, ADA, C, C++, C#, COBOL, LISP, VB just to name a few.

By the way if you’re interested in making the world a better place I’d willing to pay for your Watcom License if you succeed in porting the latest version of GCC to QNX4.

Out of curiousty, did you know QNX4 is almost 20 years old?

Phab ( Photon Application Builder).


1.) “If this gcc ruler of the real-time world why not it is not shipped with QNX v4.25?”
I never said gcc was the ruler of tanything… I said ‘C’ was the ruler of the real time world. ‘C’ is a language. gcc is a ‘C’ compiler… there are many ‘C’ compilers. GCC was not shipped with qnx 4.x because gcc was still very young back then… not many people were using it… in fact not many people had even heard of it… I believe QCC was the compiler that shipped with 4.25 though I could be wrong.

2.) I don’t have any intention of writing real-time Python code. I wonder how did you make this assumption.
easy… I made that assumption because qnx is a real time OS. It is used for real time software. People who develop on qnx are real time developers. you chimed into a discussion that was development related on a qnx forum, so I assumed you must be a real time developer. The thing is, you also made the same false assumption… you automatically suggested I use python, which means you made the assumption that I was NOT a real time developer… so touche’. :stuck_out_tongue:

3.) if C sucks for GUI design what to use then in QNX world? Why do they keep promoting C/C++ tools for this purpose?
it bothers me when people lump C/C++ together. they are not the same. they may look the same, but in fact they are very very different. C is a procedural language streamlined for real time and scientific programming. C++ is an OO language streamlined for gui’s, databases, and data manipulation. For gui’s in qnx I would use C++ and whatever tools qnx provides in their development suite. QNX promotes C and C++ for development because those are the 2 most common languages, therefor they are likely to attract the largest developer base.

4.) how do people design programs like Photon in QNX?
the same way all developers design programs… they isolate a need, build a list of requirements that fill that need, and then specify an application that can satisfy those requirements. design and programming are 2 different things so I’m not sure what you are hoping to get from this question.

It’s is Watcom or wcc but cc was the front end. In general Watcom ( the latest version for QNX4 10.6 came out over 10 year old C compiler ) is only now surpass by GCC 4.0 when it comes to executable size and speed. In fact QNX 6.3.2 is compile with Watcom (as least the kernel as far as I know ) event though gcc became available since 6.0.