tar utility produces errors..

I don’t know the reason. The file ‘fname0_0210’ is just a regular text file. What is ‘mode_t’ value?

$ tar -cvf log.tar /home/maverick/XLLog/log/fname0_0210
tar: Removing leading `/’ from absolute path names in the archive
tar: mode_t value 134513078 too large (max=16777215)
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors


maybe the tar file was created on a 64 bit OS? eg: mode_t on qnx is _Uint32t, but ulong_t on Solaris.

on the other hand, this probably just a warning, and won’t affect the untarred file content.

I created the tar file on QNX 6.2.1B (option -cvf above). Just feel unconfortable with the warnings.