Im trying to get an ATMEL AT91SAM7S256 show up as a serial port when plugged into the USB of a PC running QNX6.4.

The device is running the CDC serial USB profile.
It shows up as a serial port under Windows (using the Windows builtin driver).

Under QNX enumerates as a USB device.
With #usb I can get the DID and VID.

I have tried to load devc-serusb with the DID and VID of the device but nothing happens.

The DID and VID is not supported in the QNX hardware list.

  1. How could I load devc-serusb for a DID and VID which is not in the hardware list?

  2. Once devc-serusb is loaded how will the serial port show up under /dev: as a serx serial port or as a ttysx port?

  3. Anybody used SAM7S USB connected to QNX?