QNX4 mount vista box using userid and password


I am attempting to mount a share folder on a Vista Ultimate machine from QNX4 using mount_smb and am getting permission errors.

I have setup users on the Vista machine, and have given them access to the folders on Vista.

I then go to QNX and type

mount_smb -u [user name] //NetBios name:IP addrss/[vista folder] [QNX4 path] [password]

When I do this it comes back with permission denied.

If I turn off Password protected sharing then I can mount the folder, but I can’t do this.

Does anyone have any ideas on why this is not working.

I’m not sure but I believe this is a vista issue. Try it if you can with XP. There might be some option that you can fiddle with in Vista to get this to work. I know that to get vista to connect to a QNX marchine running samba some setting needs to be changed.

Hope this helps.

Do you know what settings need to change, or where I can go to get the information

This is some trouble we also encountered.

QNX4 just allows authentification with LAN-Hashes, which were removed in Vista, since the encryption was like open door to invaders.
So you will need LAN-Hash-Authentification or non Authentification at all.

Mh, I think it was at least the LAN Hashes … we asked the support some years ago, i guess there is no use in checking my mailbox ^^

After posting i remembered, it also could have been the samba-server, but we almost never used it, so i think it was mounting Shares.
There was some note in the documentation somewhere, which did point out that there was some trouble with authentification

Quote Wiki:
However Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 still include support for the LM hash, although it is now disabled by default; the feature can be enabled for local accounts via a security policy setting, and for Active Directory accounts by applying the same setting to domain controllers. The same method can be used to turn the feature off in Windows 2000, Windows XP and NT.[4] Users can also prevent a LM hash from being generated for their password by using a password at least 15 characters in length.