Momentics host

Hello to all the members
this is first time writing on this site. I have to start working on qnx. I need to know about choosing the momentics host (Windows/Linux/QNX)
please explain me the host features and facilities.
if i choose windows host then i know the host needs to connect to target for development, where as this is not needed if i chose qnx host.
other than this what +ves and -ves are there.

Self hosted IDE (QNX) is no longer supported since 6.4, so is not a good start point. Besides it was never too stable

You can develop in QNX platform without using the IDE at all. That is the way I used it for big projects and I feel comfortable. Sometimes, for Analisys, debugging, etc, I use the Eclipse from Windows host, but not so often… I prefer command line gdb :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried Linux version…

This is just my personal opinion.


If you are an IDE kind of guy then QNX as host is out of the question because with 6.4.0, the IDE isn’t available anymore. With 6.3.2 I didn’t like the IDE on QNX, slow and buggy, but other people have been using it with success.

Between Windows and Linux, as far as Momentic goes Linux wins hands down. Faster without a doubt. You won’t have problem with file being non case sensitive ( I got bitten by this problem ), for example. Much easier if you have to port stuff that are using scripts because Momentics on Windows doesn’t come with a full fledged UNIX like environment.

My setup is Linux (Ubuntu64) with Windows running in vmware for some of the stuff I cannot do in Linux ( not development related).

I appreciate early comments. I have been working with visual studio, I have known that qnx os doesnt has inbuilt compiler for development/debugging.I would be happy to know further information about this.
and as i am comfortable with windows environment then i am thinking of two options 1)Self hosted Momentics 2) Windows host. If i decide to go for 6.3.2 then which would be more useful.
Thank You

Not sure what you mean by by inbuilt compiler. QNX comes with gcc/gdb.

If have been working with visual studio, then it means working from the command line is out of the question ;-)

I would use 6.4.0 on Windows and use the 4.6.0 beta of momentics. The March beta version is significantly better then 4.5.

I recommend Windows hosted. Yes, there are the case sensitivity problems, and the “can’t delete a file while it is open” problem, and the file named “con” or “aux” problem, but allowing for these, Windows is stiall a faster and generally more productive development environment than Linux (if you are an IDE user).

For me it’s the other around. I’ve always stayed away from Linux simply for lack of interest. I suffered a drastic drop in responsiveness going from self-hosted to Windows and started looking for solution. That’s when I gave Linux a try.

When running parallel make Linux is MUCH faster then Vista64 and is able to keep all cores busy, while with Vista it seems limited by something and can’t keep all the cores busy.

One of my setup is Vista64 (4 cores) and I’m running Ubuntu64 inside Vmware, which can use 2 cores. Yet Momentics on the virtual machine is faster then Momentics on the real machine. The results are quite drastic. Windows (Vista64) 45 seconds for a make clean, 7 seconds on Linux (in the VM…).

That being said Linux isn’t as easy to setup as Windows, not all application are available etc. It’s possible the extra time spend to get around these issues offsets the benefit in performance. I guess that all depends on your level of experience with Linux. But until a month ago I’ve never touch Linux, now it’s my platform of choice for using Momentics. On my Linux setup, I run Windows in a virtual machine, hence I get the best of both world.

Good Lord! I wouldn’t touch Vista with a 10 ft cattle prod! I am impressed with your bravery :slight_smile:

15 ft cattle prods now available on the Internet for all your Vista needs.

I like being on the leading edge even if it leads to disaster :wink: Seriously I needed a 64 bit machine (all those VM uses a lot of ram), XP64 had some driver missings for my hardware, hence I had to go Vista.

I made the same test on XP and instead of 45 seconds it took 15, better but twice as slow as the virtual machine.

I tried Windows7, better than Vista but still slower than XP, for now.

I think lack of performance on Windows is partly due to use of cygwin. Spawning a cygwin process takes forever.

Ah yes, try MinGW way faster than cygwin; but “fast” is more than just compile speed. I am talking about overall productivity. Eclipse is faster on Windows, and all of the other stuff that I need to do on my machine works better on Windows… and Windows is more stable than Linux. I can’t remember the last time my XP became unusable… I do remember the last time my Linux (with X windows) became unusable (sure I could have got it back without rebooting, but it is faster to reboot, it is a personal computer for crying out loud).

Overall Windows XP with Eclipse, is a more productive development environment than Linux (unless you are doing pure command line development on Linux - but then you aren’t comparing apples to apples).

Not sure I’m confident enough with overwriting MinGW with cygwin.

All I can tell you Rennie is that my current main rig is Vista64 with a three monitor setup. I run Ubuntu64 in VMware on the biggest monitor, full screen. When Eclipse is running full screen aside it’s visualy hard to tell that it’s running inside a VM. I’ve been using Momentics daily on Vista for 6 month and Ubuntu (inside VM) for 1 months. No way I’m going back to using Momentics on Windows.

My numbers were not from command line, but from a make target. Even searching for a string inside 2000 files is faster in the VM then on the real machine.

That being said i would recommend Windows simply because you can’t ever get blame for doing so.