asking help for newbie in QNX DDK character I/O

Hi !!

I am newbie in the QNX environment with qnx momentics IDE under windows host version 6.3. I would like to ask for guide in order to enable a serial COM1 port in a CPU Celeron ICP-CM-4 from EMTrust computers.

The serial ports are implemented with the SUPER I/O PC87393 that I have read it is software compatible with the 16550 and 16550A UART.

I have downloaded and installed the DDK-devc-6.3.0SP1-20043521256-win32.exe according with the user manual with no problems.

My specific question is a how to guide in order to link the DDK, declare port initialization (open / close port, setup baudrate, data and stop, parity), read and write function prototypes.

Any help will be very welcome.

Best Regards,

New QNX user (who never have had any QNX course)

I doubt that you need a DDK for this.

Have you looked at the documentation for devc-ser8250?

In a desktop the BIOS will allow you to configure the SUPER-IO chip to provide serial ports. There are some standard defaults I/O ports, eg. 3F8 and 2F8. Interrupts 4 and 3 are usually used. devc-se8250 will look in these places by default, but if you are not using standard locations, you will have to provide some parameters.

Now I may be wrong about this. I never really figured out enumerators.