Default Task Priority in QNX 6.3

I am wondering what is the default priority of a task that is created in QNX6.3? In QNX 4.25, a default task priority was 10.


The “default” priority is the priority of the shell that the command was launched from.
In QNX 6.3 the default shell also has priority 10.

Actually it’s the priority of the process that send it an event to it. By default under QNX6 priority are floating.

OK, gotcha it is.

Are you saying there is no default priority?

There is “startup priority”, which is received as an event from the parent, but upon reception of the first event the priority will float to that of the priority and not changed until the next event.

Keep in mind that this floating priority stuff is in reference to resource managers. Processes/threads that do not receive messages stay at whatever priority they are started with unless you intervene.

Got it… Thanks.