Orinoco wireless successes?

Hi. I’ve been unable to get the Orinoco wireless driver to work on my Dell laptop. I have an Orinoco Silver card.

If the card is inserted prior to booting, the machine hangs during boot.

If I insert the card after the GUI is up, then issue the appropriate ‘io-net’ string in Terminal, the machine freezes some seconds later.

Has anyone been able to use a wireless connection in 6.2?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

The fact that your machine locks up on boot with the card inserted leads me to belive it is probably an issue with devp-pccard rather then an issue with the orinoco card (since the orinoco driver is not started automatically at boot). I would post on the QDN .install newsgroup with your boot-up lock-up situation, you will be asked for a bunch of info.