I need Help, it´s urgent !!

Hello Guys,

I have this server program (see below) ans i have to make a graphic Client with phAB to communicate with the server.
when there is a connection between both, it has a display a container, if not , then simply an error message.

this is the server programm :

  • ResMgr and Message Server Process


#include <stdio.h>

#include <unistd.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <errno.h>

#include <string.h>

#include <sys/neutrino.h>

#include <sys/iofunc.h>

#include <sys/dispatch.h>

resmgr_connect_funcs_t ConnectFuncs;

resmgr_io_funcs_t IoFuncs;

iofunc_attr_t IoFuncAttr;

typedef struct


uint16_t msg_no;

char     msg_data[255];

} server_msg_t;

int message_callback( message_context_t *ctp, int type, unsigned flags, void *handle )

server_msg_t *msg;

int num;

char msg_reply[255];

/* cast a pointer to the message data */

msg = (server_msg_t *)ctp->msg;

/* Print out some usefull information on the message */

printf( "\n\nServer hat die Nachricht bekommen:\n" );

printf( "  type: %d\n" , type );

printf( "  data: %s\n\n", msg->msg_data );

/* Build the reply message */

num = type - _IO_MAX;

snprintf( msg_reply, 254, "Server Got Message Code: _IO_MAX + %d", num );

/* Send a reply to the waiting (blocked) client */

MsgReply( ctp->rcvid, EOK, msg_reply, strlen( msg_reply ) + 1 );

return 0;


int main( int argc, char **argv )


resmgr_attr_t        resmgr_attr;

message_attr_t       message_attr;

dispatch_t           *dpp;

dispatch_context_t   *ctp, *ctp_ret;

int                  resmgr_id, message_id;

/* Create the Dispatch Interface */

dpp = dispatch_create();

if( dpp == NULL )


    fprintf( stderr, "dispatch_create() failed: %s\n",

             strerror( errno ) );

    return EXIT_FAILURE;


memset( &resmgr_attr, 0, sizeof( resmgr_attr ) );

resmgr_attr.nparts_max = 1;

resmgr_attr.msg_max_size = 2048;

/* Setup the default I/O functions to handle open/read/write/... */

iofunc_func_init( _RESMGR_CONNECT_NFUNCS, &ConnectFuncs,

                  _RESMGR_IO_NFUNCS, &IoFuncs );

/* Setup the attribute for the entry in the filesystem */

iofunc_attr_init( &IoFuncAttr, S_IFNAM | 0666, 0, 0 );

resmgr_id = resmgr_attach( dpp, &resmgr_attr, “serv”, _FTYPE_ANY,

                           0, &ConnectFuncs, &IoFuncs, &IoFuncAttr );

if( resmgr_id == -1 )


    fprintf( stderr, "resmgr_attach() failed: %s\n", strerror( errno ) );

    return EXIT_FAILURE;


/* Setup our message callback */

memset( &message_attr, 0, sizeof( message_attr ) );

message_attr.nparts_max = 1;

message_attr.msg_max_size = 4096;

/* Attach a callback (handler) for two message types */

message_id = message_attach( dpp, &message_attr, _IO_MAX + 1,

                             _IO_MAX + 2, message_callback, NULL );

if( message_id == -1 )


    fprintf( stderr, "message_attach() failed: %s\n", strerror( errno ) );

    return EXIT_FAILURE;


/* Setup a context for the dispatch layer to use */

ctp = dispatch_context_alloc( dpp );

if( ctp == NULL )


    fprintf( stderr, "dispatch_context_alloc() failed: %s\n",

             strerror( errno ) );

    return EXIT_FAILURE;


/* The "Data Pump" - get and process messages */

while( 1 )


    ctp_ret = dispatch_block( ctp );

    if( ctp_ret )


        dispatch_handler( ctp );




        fprintf( stderr, "dispatch_block() failed: %s\n",

                 strerror( errno ) );

        return EXIT_FAILURE;





Thank you in Advance

You´re welcome or is there a question?

I need help to write the client prog.

The answer is in the documentation.

Thx Mario, i won´t ask any question if i got no problem or if i didnt make some research.
i´m just new and i dont have much knowledge about QNX, only from the user Guide and the Programmers guide.

Sorry if I came across a bit agressive. It`s just that there seems to be lots of people wanting the active poster here to do the work for them. Answer we give for free yet many are actually getting paid while they ask the question ;-)

i don´t want anyone to do this for me, i just asked for Help, and i´ll not get paid for this work coz its a school project :slight_smile:.

The call to resmgr_attach will create a path, serv in this case (dont remember exactly where it will live in the path space ). Basically you will be able to open() this path. Via the file descriptor return by open, which will be -1 if the path doesnt exists you can use MsgSend to send messages to the server. Hope that`s enough to get you going ;)