No Bios signiture in Partition sector

HI Guys, I changed my BIos battry and now Im getting mount -p : no BIos Signiture in partition sector on /dev/hd0

Help please

Have you booted into the BIOS screens and looked around?

Thanks maschoen, I have the exact same settings on Bioss that I had prior to changing the Bioss battry

Well that is strange. If you have a bootable floppy, then you can start the hard disk driver manually and peek at the first sector. I’d suggest starting with fdisk. That may tell you something.

Cheers maschoen, it ended up being “defining HDD readings manually in BIos”. GUess I didn’t look close enought :frowning:

This error is ussually because the last 2 bytes of block 0 of the hard disk aren’t set to 0x55 0xAA. It ussually gets erased when someone uses “dd” to erase thier disk.

If you do a “fdisk /dev/hd0 info” you’ll see the signature on the last line.