Graphic Digital Video Card for QNX 6

Hi!. I’ve got a question.

Of all this video cards supported by QNX, who can I know if the QNX driver supports DIGITAL output? … ml?video=1

We’ve been using VGA output since ever, and now we must use a card that supports digital output (and obviously the QNX’s driver too)

So, can use any card of this list with the digital output?

Can someone recommended me a particular one that has good performance and is fast with heavy graphic screens?

End note: The fact is that the CPU will far away from the monitor (let’s say 500 meters/1500 feets), and we need to mount extenders and O.F. for the (digital) video signal (this extenders, with this distance and O.F. only supports digital signal)

Ok, thank you very much!

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Have you considered using another PC. Depending on the environment the price for video extender can be more expensive then a PC ;-)

Sometimes making the digital output work is just a matter of setting the enum file to detect the secondary display.

Thanks Mario for your feedback.

Oh, yes we have. Really we did it, but the environment is quite hard. We were using Panels PC in place for years as you said, but our experience is that isn’t the best practice. So, we decided to mount every PC on computers room (in racks, chilled, etc, etc, etc), even at the expense of a higher installation cost, but much less maintenance and much more reliability and robustness.

But, can I use any card of the supported list for digital output? You’ve tried anyone?

Thank you!

Yes but that was over 2 years ago ( Radeon 7000 series ), nowadays our interface run on Windows :wink:

The best way to make sure it will work is to buy a video card with ONLY a DVI port on it.

Incidentally, what extender are you using?

I was looking the information, because we didn’t install it yet. We are looking for a little more information.

BUT, we are about to try with this one, maybe (previously we’ll contact Rose’s people)

We have some wide experience using this extenders Rose-CrystalView but with VGA video, not digital.

They work fine, they need to be very well mounted, grounded, etc…

We’ll see how they work with O.F. and I tell you later…