Install Qnx4.25 in solid-state drive ??

Recently I want to upgrade my computer, and I prefer to use SSD as system disk using Qnx 4.25, Should I use Fsys.atapi to setup solid-state drive?
I am confused about that, please help, Thanks!! :wink:

It depends on the interface to the SSD. I suspect however that an SSD will have a regular EIDE interface.

Yes Fsys.atapi is the way to go. We’ve had some problem with some model of SSD that refused to make any changes to them. I mean you could write to it, the files looked to be there, but after a reboot they were no where to be found.

SanDisk gave us a tool to change a setting in their SSD and all was fine, but they were the only one to do so. SuperTalent is a brand we tried but couldn’t get working. This is all black magic as we have no idea what is really going on.

Why is the Fsys.atapi recommended for SSD?
I’m using PCMCIA Flash drives since a decade and I was always using Fsys.eide.

If you use any flash technology be aware that you dont write all the time onto the media.
Normal flashes will only survive approx 100 000 write cycles on a cell.
Keep in mind: Each read access is also a wite access if you havent used “Fsys -A”!

While each cell may only survive 100,000 write cycles, the cells should automatically be rotated so that the drive will wear evenly. As you point out it is important to not update the drive on each read access. If you have a hard drive and a flash it is possible to run them differently by using 2 Fsys’s.

Because atapi is the lastest driver, has many bug fixes, support for DMA, support lba48 mode etc.

Thanks for your help, I think I will buy Intel(X25-E SLC) or OCZ brand(Vertex MLC) as system disk, these types of SSD are designed for Server to use and have high performance, maybe these types of SSD survive more than 100,000 write cycles(I’m not sure^^""), but these are very expensive, that’s why I must confirm if Qnx 4.25 can support SSD over here.

Thank you very much!!!