How to run the batrch file in QNX 4.24

Hi Experts,
i have set of commands. How can i run in qnx 4.24 as a batch file…Insted of running each command. What is the batch file extenssion in QNX
Help please.

Das M


There is no batch file extension like in DOS.

Instead you just need to change the file permission of your file to add the execute bit (‘chmod a+x myFile’).


The “batch” processor is the shell, so once you put commands in a file you can execute them as follows:

$ sh mycommands

As Tim mentioned, you can change the execution permissions

$ chmod a+e mycommands

and then execute the command by just putting it on the command line:

$ ./mycommands

or by putting it in a bin directory and executing from anywhere:

$ cp mycommands /usr/local/bin
$ mycommands

The only thing I can add is that you can choose your command interpreter writing in the first line of the file preceded by #!. Like:



And so on…

Defining the interpreter explicitly helps somes editor to highlight the syntax.