will qnx boot/run in compactflash media cards

I am pondering buying a sandisk compactflash 256mb or 512mb card from compUSA to boot and run a midi recording based OS on it for my digital piano.Will qnx boot and run on these cards using the CF to IDE adaptors(check minibox.com for miniitx systems that use them and sell them)?Linux and windowsEmbedded does.Also being that QNX is swapless,is it prone to segfaults as a result of swapping in and out of real ram??Dont run winXP without swap or linux,youll be SOL for sure!!Just a few questions before I buy the hardware to use qnx momentics or rtp6.1.Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I have use CF/IDE without any problem (but I can’t tell if it will run on your platform)

As you said yourself QNX is swapless hence it won’t segfault as a result of swapping in and out or ram -)

Main problem is I don’t know of any MIDI recording software for QNX6.

Lots of people run Linux and WinXP embedded without swap and don’t have any problem.

thanks for the info.winXP embedded is a viable option but the price is unknown to me.the cf/ide adaptor works on x86 PCs fine.QNX should work for my piano then?If nothing else,maybe there is a photo slideshow MAKER and viewer for qnx??See(thumbs plus for winXP)for example.Thanks again. :smiley: :wink: