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Good Day! As all we know, what if we share printer connected to some Windows OS, we can connect it to qnx 4.25 OS via SMBfsys. But how we can connect network printer directly to qnx 4.25 OS without using Windows OS? Cause if we setup any printer in Windows, install interface offers us to install local or network printer. Any ideas how to connect network printer directly to qnx 4.25 OS? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Usually when asked the question “local or network” network means by a network interface, usually ethernet, but sometimes wireless and possibly firewire or other connection that can be shared. Local usually means via USB, parallel or serial port, a connection that cannot be shared. What connections does the printer support?

Oh, sorry. Speak english a little. :slight_smile: Yes, I mean connect to printer via ethernet network interface. Printer support USB, but can installed in Windows by ip-adress.

Can you mount anything from the windows machine using SMBfsys?
If yes you can use the windows printer spooler.

What kind of protocol is the printers interface supporting?
lpd → you can use the QNX4 builtin stuff
RawApps → I will send you a “netcat” ported to QNX4

Then it is not a local printer, even if your network consists only of the printer and the computer.

uff. We have in our LAN printers with ethernet interface, which connect to Windows by ip-adress. How I can connect this printer with ethernet interface to QNX machine without SMBfsys?

Please go onto the web interface of the printer and check the supported protocols.
If you have a good network printer it will support the lpd protocol and then you can use the printer inherent spooling mechanism.
If it support “RawApps” you can send streams from the QNX4 machine using netcat but you can come into troubles if the print server in the network printer accepts two streams at the same time.

Ok. Can you send me “netcat” ported to QNX4, please? To my e-mail? Or there I can find netcat ported to qnx? Links in themes in this forum with this subject are not work.

There is the archive for