Temperature monitoring tools/drivers in 6.4.0

I recently installed a brand new version of QNX 6.4.0. I know my board has a temperature monitoring chip (ADM1032) and I would like to know if there are any QNX drivers available for them. Also what applications are there which can show us the temperatures.

I have been able to use lm-sensors and lm90 driver in Linux for this board.

Wondering what are some equivalent tools for that in QNX?

I know of no such tools. However I remember someone attempting to port the lm stuff? Was that you Mitchell?

I wrote a simple photon monitoring program for the temperature sensor in the computer that I was using for QNX 4 development at the time. I’ve never found another piece of hardware that was identical, so except for the photon framework, its not of much use. On the other hand, except for IPMI, I’ve found that with some specifications, figuring out the temperature is usually pretty easy. Usually just poke and a few peeks and careful bit manipulation of the result.

Is there any sample code that I can take a look at? What else will I need to successfully implement a program? Datasheet of temperature monitoring chip?

The photon part of the program is pretty simple. It was some kind of gauge and numerical output that took up a little spot on the screen. Also I used a timer to wake up the program periodically to check the hardware. Yes you will need the datasheet, that’s the key. How to you read the temperature. I also added a configuration file so that at a certain temperature the gauge would turn from green to yellow, and at another temperature it would turn from yellow to red and start beeping.