IDE Flash Drive In QNX 4.25

i have a flash drive. flash drive is booting to the other applicatio. i have computer loaded with QNX and hard disk is connected as master IDE connector. so i connect flash drive as slave mode along this(hard disk) IDE connector.
i use following commands and results also shown.

df -a

output: ? 63488 ? ? ? ?% /dev/hd1.0

Question 1:
is this /dev/hd1.0 is the my new flash drive path??

#mount /dev/hd1.0 /mountpoint
output :Corrupted file system detected

can i right to use this command??
or i need to use some more command before mount command?? What are they??

#fdisk /dev/hd1.0 ? is
#dinit /dev-h /dev/hd1t77
#mount /dev/hd1t77 /mountpoint

So above three commands are steps are needed?? or directely i can use mount command??

Can any one explain procedure how to munt flash drive?? in details

~keeth :slight_smile:


These are the steps you need to do (from memory as it’s been a while since I worked on QNX 4.25 but I recall it’s basically the same as QNX 6).

#dinit /dev-h /dev/hd1t77
#mount /dev/hd1t77 /mountpoint

The df command lists all physical drives found. The /dev/hd1 is indeed your CF drive.
The dinit command formats the CF drive for a QNX filesystem (by default it’s probably formatted for DOS/Windows). If you want to use the CF drive with a DOS file system you don’t need to do this step.
The mount command then mounts the newly formatted drive. If you are using the CF drive with a DOS file system you just adjust the parameters to mount to indicte a DOS filesystem vs a QNX one.


You already have in your startup script a “mount -p /dev/hd0” wich confuses you.

  1. you have to unmount the hd1
    umount /dev/hd1
  2. add a QNX partition entry in the partition table
    fdisk /dev/hd1
    (enter a partition of type 77,78 or 79)
  3. mount -p /dev/hd1
    afterwards you will have a e.g. /dev/hd1t77
  4. initialize the partition
    dinit -h /dev/hd1t77 (dangerous! be aware what you are typing in)
  5. mount the partition
    mount /dev/hd1t77 /dev/1t77
  6. you have the filesystem of the partition accesible under the name /dev/1t77
    ls /dev/1t77

The notation /dev/hd1.0 with the point as separator is AFAIK coming from an extended partition you have in the partition table of your media. You can check this using “mount -p /dev/hd1.0”. If it is a extended partition you will have a /dev/hd1.0t??