Run a project in QNX

I have my project in QNX Momentics(Windows).
The Momentics is connected to QNX 6.4.
I want to run my project directly from the QNX 6.4, how can I do it?
Should I build it on momentics and then run on 6.4?
Which is the file that is the executable of the project?


(Sorry my english…)

Diogo, if you can’t find the executable in the project you need to go through the documentation and learn more about the product.

I have to search on the Help of Momentics?
I run my project on Momentics(Windows), but now I want to run it on QNX 6.4… Do you have any idea which file is the executable? and the extension?

Thanks mario

You definitly have to go through the docs, at least how QNX works. file-extensions are not necessary on QNX/*NIX.
The executable should be where you created it, its a binary.

Usually is in <target_os>/o or <target_os>/o-g/. For example: x86/o (release version) or x86/o-g/ (debug version)…

I discovered…
In Momentics, Run → Open Run Dialog…click in tab Upload… select “Upload executable to target” … Write the “Remote Directory”… then Diselect the box “Remove uploaded components after session”… Apply… Run…
Then is just go to the path in qnx and double-click in the file…
until now it’s working…