problem of installing QNX

hello everyone
I am a new man for qnx. I have a question to ask.I have a PFU AM105 mainboard with ATOM Z530, which was bought in japan.I want to install QNX6.4.0,but i failed.The installation is stoped after message’HIT Esc for altboot…’ comes out. I freely downloaded QNX6.4.0 ,pay no pennies.
I can install windows xp ,but QNX and linux failed to install. I even linked removable hard disk which is installed by linux or qnx to this mainboard ,but it cann’t read the installed operation system. i want to know why? thank you

When I was upgrading an old DELL server from QNX 6.21 to 6.30, I had the same problem. In the end it turned out to be a problem related to the BIOS and the size of the .boot file. The work around was to load 6.30 on another machine and create a custom biois. The CD comes with a boot file that has every conceivable disk driver built in, and of course you only need the driver for the controller that you actually want to boot with.

thank you for replying to me. i am sorry that i have humble knowledge of hardware and QNX.
I have some questions to ask
1)how to create a custom bios and what it works for
2)what is the meaning of controller you mentioned
3)if i had the driver of the controller ,are custom bios and CD with a boot file that has every conceivable disk driver built in necessary?
i am looking forward to your reply and appreciate your help ,thank you very much

I’m sorry that I mis-spoke. I meant a custom .boot file. Boot files are built from .build files. Build files are text files that describe what you want in your .boot file and what happens at boot time. You will find some examples in your /boot/build directory. There is also documentation available. Once your build file is completed, you generate a .boot file with the mkifs program. That accomplished you copy the .boot file to /.boot. It’s always a good idea to first copy the current working /.boot file to /.altboot. This allows you to recover in case you made a mistake.

A hard disk controller is a piece of hardware in your computer, sometimes on the motherboard and sometimes in a slot. The most generic type of controller is an EIDE or PATA controller. Also becoming common are serial ATA controllers. For higher performance systems SCSI controllers are sometimes used. Every EIDE controller has (or should have) the same interface. Every SCSI interface has a different hardware interface. Go figure.

I don’t know what you are asking here but I will try to answer anyway. When QNX sends out a CD they want it to boot on as many different computers as possible. They build in many hard disk drivers into their .boot file. You don’t need all of these drivers. If you take some of them out, you can have a much smaller .boot file. Unfortunately to create a .boot file, you first need to find a computer that the QNX CD will boot on, install QNX and create your custom .boot file.

Hello All,

I am trying to install QNX 6 on IBM System X3350 from a CD. It gives me
Hit Esc for .altboot …
and then hangs. I tried pressing different keys on the keyboard…esc , spacebar nothing works.

I also tried running my old image file which used to work…but still gives the same error.

Please help with some suggestions to fix it.


I had a similar problem with an older Dell when I went from QNX 6.21 to 6.3. The problem had to do with the size of the boot file. The solution was to install on a more modern computer, and then create a smaller boot file. The CD boot file has hard disk drivers for every conceivable disk controller in it. When most of these are removed the boot file became smaller and I was able to boot on the Dell.

BTW, I had almost no choice about the upgrade as the Adaptec controller driver for 6.21 did not run reliably with multiple processors. Eventually it would always hang.