AMD GEODE LX800 support QNX 6.2?

Hi guys,

This is my first post in this forum. Hope I posted right question in the right place.

My question is: does QNX 6.2 support AMD GEODE LX800 CPU? The board I am going to buy is PGS800-256 CPU module, with GEODE LX800 CPU and Realtek 8100CL Ethernet Controller.

The vendor confirms QNX 6.3 will be support, but not sure about v6.2. I have the board spec attached.

Thanks in advance!

AFAIR version 6.3 was released first in 2004, so 6.2 is even older. I doubt that the BSP for 6.3 can be directly used on 6.2 - but it surely can be tweaked to work. However it will require some time and knowledge of hardware and BSP structure. I guess QNX can offer this a CE work, too.

Hi Thunderblade, thanks for the reply. However, I dont quite understand because I am quite new to QNX and PC104 system.

What does the AFAIR stands for? Do you mean I have to use BSP from QNX v6.3 into my v6.2 platform in order to have the board working?

I feel as long as it’s a x86 structure CPU and it’s peripherals are of standard drivers (say serial port), it can work. I had qnx 6.2 work on Lippert Cer-300-64. No sure this understanding is correct or not!


afaik refers afair to “as far as i remember”, similar to IIRC “if i remember correctly” ^^ And before you ask, “afaik” is “as far as i know”.

Running the system on a x86 does not really implement it will be fully supportet. The x86 architecture itself is supported, but you may get problems with different drivers for your devices. But getting it to run takes it a huge step closer to being supported.
We had vor example problems with a MEN Gigabit network card. The rest of the system was very fine, but we did need network at any cost → Other system was bought. You can also try to get a demo-board for 1 week from your local salesman for testing compatibility. As long as you will later on buy enough of them, the most companies are willing to do so.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I shall try as you suggested, test running the board b4 I buy it.

Thanks @micro for explaining. :slight_smile: It’s correct, you can try to use the 6.3 BSP to get the board running. If it doesn’t work, QNX can make it work for you, but it will cost something of course. Alternatives are - choose different hardware, or move to new OS version.