QNX 6.1 - USB Mount Problem

Hello everyone,

I’m simple trying to load some files from my USB stick to the QNX 6.1 host machine.
It’s running by a CD image boot, which I don’t think is relevant.

Firstly the automount is not working; then, when I try to manually mount the pendrive by the fallowing commands:

# cd /tmp
# mkdir mnt
# mount /dev/sdb /tmp/mnt

But I get this message as return:

mount: Can't mount /tmp/mnt (type qnx4)
mount: Possible reason: Invalid argument

I really think it’s a very newbie question, but I’ve searched google and the forum itself before posting.

I appreciate any help. Thank you for your attention.

Unlike linux you do not mount/map do an existing directory, get rid of the mkdir and it shoule work better ;)

What’s /dev/sdb?