getting more telnet client slots in qnx 4.25


I have an issue with my warhouses QNX environment. Basically we have a custom inventory system that is ran via huge flat files on QNX 4.25Z with that we have a node that handles RF devices which telnet into our system.

We currently have 32 slots for this function on the node that handles these telnet sessions. Normally I would just create another node to handle another 32 telnet sessions on our network, but our inventory system doesn’t really handle that to well (not at all really) so I need to push the number of slots from 32 to as many as possible. I’ve read that I could get it up to 64 slots which would be a good start.

The sysinit has these lines in it.


#Load additional Devices for RF Expansion
Dev -n130 &
Dev.pty  -n 16 &

so I think what I need to do is


#Load additional Devices for RF Expansion
Dev -n230 &
Dev.pty  -n 32 &

so, if someone could let me know if this looks right, I am building a test node right now to see if it generates more pty’s for me to use in the /etc/dev folder.

Dev.pty is limiited to 16 I thing , what you need to do is start another instance of Dev.pty. It involves using -N argument. I think there is an example in the documentation of Dev.pty.

Thanks for the quick reply!

[color=blue]Dev.pty -n 16 -l p& Dev.pty -n 16 -l q& Dev.pty -n 16 -l r& Dev.pty -n 16 -l s&
each of those would give me 16 for a total of 64 which is what I am getting. The book I have only uses those letters (p-s) do you know if more letters (like all 26) will work?

I created a test node.

Found that the number of initialized devices counts

Dev -n130 &

has a limit of 255 devices, if I change the sysinit. from Dev -n130 & to Dev -n256 & it hangs on bootup.

Dev -n255 &
255-130 = 125 -112 = 13 remaining devices, which I presume are used for the keyboard, cdrom, hd’s…

I was able to get 112 connection pty’s in the dev folder.

dev -n255 &

Dev.pty -n 16 -l a&
Dev.pty -n 16 -l b&
Dev.pty -n 16 -l c&
Dev.pty -n 16 -l d&
Dev.pty -n 16 -l e&
Dev.pty -n 16 -l f&
Dev.pty -n 16 -l g&