Qnx with PC104 stacks

I am a new user. I am really sorry for my lack of knowledge.
I am trying to use qnx with PC104stacks. I got it to work but then a short circuit blew up the PC104 stack. I then connected this same hard drive to another PC104 stack but now it gives two errors:

  1. “Unable to find fs-pkg”
  2. When I try to boot from floppy disk, it says
    “Hit esc for altboot…D”

I am sorry for my lack of knowledge but I desperately need help.Please help

What version of QNX?

Sounds like the short-circuit did some nastiness to the filesystem. The floppy issue is likely the version of the bootloader. There is an alternative loader that you can install on the floppy from another machine running QNX.