Focus problem

I am giving focus to a combobox widget using PtGlobalFocusNext() or PtGlobalFocusPrev(). After giving focus i am retreiving the integer value of the combobox widget using ApName(), but the integer value of combobox widget defined in abvars.h file is different from what i get using ApName().
Pls suggest how can i get the same integer value for combobox widget.


Give focus to the previous widget


PtWidget_t *PtGlobalFocusPrev( PtWidget_t *widget,
PhEvent_t *event );




This function finds the currently focused widget in the same disjoint
widget (window, region, menu) as widget and moves the focus to the
previous focusable widget.
The widget that’s given focus receives event as the reason. If event is
NULL, this function generates a PhEvent_t structure filled with zeros
for you.


The widget that was given focus, or NULL if no focusable widgets are

RTFM! these functions doesn’t return ABN names … they’re returns ABW_ … just pointers to PtWidget_t * ptr…