QNX 3.21 problem

Hi all,

currently my company is using QNX version 3.21 for the machine. problem occurred once i plug in touch screen monitor and trying to install the driver, it stated error message like picture below.

is that the problem of driver?

p/s: the machine doesnt have any usb port and cd-rom. olny have floopy inside.

any solution can help me? thanks so much.

Since it is QNX 2 (the 3 just means QNX 2 is running in protected mode) it must be a serial touch screen. QNX 2 never supported CD-ROMS and certainly not USB.

Are you using QNX Windows? If not, why would you want a touch screen?

You didn’t say how it tried to install the touch screen. Do you have a script that you started?
I’ll interpret what I see on the screen as best I can.

“invalid device”
This is an error message coming from some program, probably trying to open up a device.
Before you run the script you can run the command:

$ mount

and it will give you a list of available device which will probably include $con, $lpt, $mdm etc.


This is just the shell script running telling you it started a task with the “&” sign to run it in the background.
This number is the task id of the task created.

“/user/cal7000/ALARM2: Unable to open”

This is obviously a program message indicating that the file /user/cal7000/ALARM2 either doesn’t exist, or possiblely is busy.

more tasks being started

“svl qid 0”

I have no idea what this means. qid probably stands for QNX ID but thats all I can see.

"QNX Version 3.21 …
"Copyright (c) …

This is what usually happens at the end of a boot script, a login comes up. I don’t know why it comes up now but the following lines indicate that it is part of some kind of test. This doesn’t make a lot of sense, why an install script would do a login test.

“slay : Task ‘tdrv’ not found”
“slay: Task ‘qw.vga’ not found”

These are warning messages from the slay command indicating that the tasks that were supposed to be killed did not exist. This is probably not a problem as the attempt was probably a precaution only. BTW, I think that qw.vga stands for QNX Windows VGA driver, so the install script thinks you must or will be running QNX Windows to use this driver.

"Tablet Driver Beta Version …
"Installing MicroTouch driver …

So I might mention here what install in QNX 2 would mean. First, a driver program would be copied somewhere on disk, and 2nd some script would have to be updated so that when run, the touch screen driver will run instead of the mouse driver. These lines indicate that this is occuring.

Another background task started

"Tablet Config>…
“tablet Config> setup hardware tablet driver interrupt=4”
Now there is something interesting about these lines. The mention of interrupt 4.
Interrupt 4 is the interrupt for the first serial port called either $mdm or I think $ser1.
The curious thing is that the MicroTouch driver should not itself be accessing the UART, but rather just opting up the serial device, and therefore it should not need to know what the interrupt is. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong, it is fairly easy to interrogate the device and find out what interrupt it is using and then report it to the screen.

You indicate that there is a problem, but not what the problem is so that is all I can tell you right now. A little background might be in order for example, why in 2009 are you just now installing a touch screen driver for a system that hasn’t been support by QNX in over 20 years?

"Tablet Driver Beta Version …
"INstalling Micro Touch