Problem with proto.h


I’m doing a photon application with Phab, and in this application I have a timer, which callback is a function named ‘tempo’. In code ‘tempo.c’ I have one sub-program:
void receive_data(struct str_data data);

The code of that sub program is written in receive_data.c and struct data is defined in receive_data.h, which has been “included” in ‘tempo.c’

Ok, I compile, and I have a warning on proto.h, because it has the header of receive_data subprogram, but it doesn’t recognize struct str_data. The warning is removed if I add #include receive_data.h in proto.h. However proto.h is self-made by Phab, so that line is removed each time I restart Phab.

Is there any other way for me to avoid that warning?


Grillo Solitario