ldd equivalent in qnx

ldd in solaris will show all the shared libraries an executable
will pick up in the current environment. This is useful to
solve configuration problems. Is there a command that
does the same in qnx?

the quick and dirty way:
objdump -x executable | grep NEEDED

or you can use the “ldd” (it’s a shell script) that kabe wrote. See attached.

but don’t do it if you’re using Doug Lea’s malloc) QNX 4.2 other OSF/1 machines (KSR/1, HP, … at least on Solaris 2.5.1

You can also see what’s happening when you start your binary:

DL_DEBUG=1 myprogram

It will print on console which shared libraries it is opening.

There is a /usr/bin/ldd exist . (at least in my 6.4.1 installation).