Server refused to allocate pty


I am unable to login to qnx server, when ever i try to login i get the error as “Server refused to allocate pty”.

can any body help me to solve this issue.


Can any one help me out here to solve this issue??

Is devc-pty running ? Is running with -n 8> option??

Yes it is running with -n 32, do i need to change it? How can we change it ?


Can any one help me in fixing this issue??


How are you logging in?

I am using putty to connect the QNX server, SSH protocol…

The error generaly means, your ssh-server is denied to spawn another control-tty, so another “Shell” for example.
You could try setting the amounts higher -n 64?, but better would be to find out who or what has opened that many tty.

You do not have actually running a application spawning processes or sending OS-shell-commands to a console?