QNX 6.4 issue ?

Hi there…

I’m starting to work with 6.4, and something strange happend to me today.

The thing is that some “ghost?” process keep hogging my CPU even after death … :open_mouth:

I run hogs -n -s1 -%2 and there was the process(?) running, but if I look for that PID with pidin, nothing was found.

Maybe, it was not a process (event, timer, ??), I don’t know, but I didn’t find the way to kill that thing. Moreover, a minutes later, the PC died at all !! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Maybe, I have to mention, that prior to this incident, some client (in 6.3.2 QNX node) send a message to a server (a RM) in this 6.4 machine, and the client froze.

Could be there some incompatibility in the message frame from 6.3 to 6.4? I don’t think so…

Ok, thank you for suggestions…


You should look at a kernel trace, that will tell you much more accurately what is going on.

If you use 6.4.0 & gns server you must use patched “gns” server.

Thank you guys,

cburgess: You are suggesting to use tracelogger / traceprinter ?
qnxloader: I’m not using gns… it’s a full R.M…



You could use Momentics instead of traceprinter ;-)

I’ll see if it happens again. Now I’ve tracelogger running and recordering in a disk-file…

Thanks !!