error: Unknown terminal type

I have installed all the utilities from the third party CD and after the intallation every thing is fine except that when in the system I type a “clear” command to clear my screen I get the following message. How do I correct this error. The message I get is:


‘quansi-m’ : Unknown terminal type.

Please help this seems to be irritating me.
Thank u in advance.

works for me.
sounds like your installation is screwed. do a “ls” in /usr/lib/terminfo/q and see if you have the file qansi-m in it.

Now I re-read your post. Your problem is caused by the 3rd party CD utilities. Those are unsupported and may have bugs. In your particular case, the “ncurses” packages is to blame. It has a “clear” which overwrites the default OS version. It uses /opt/share/terminfo and there is no qansi-m in there … Your best bet is to uninstall the ncurses stuff from the CD.

Try this.

TERMINFO=/usr/lib/terminfo clear

The file quansi-m is present in

But when i uninstalled the ncurses module the clear is working just as fine.

The usage of
#TERMINFO=/usr/lib/terminfo clear is working fine even with the ncurses. But should I export this TERMINFO variable?

And I got one more problem. When I am using the xpdf command in the /usr/bin/ directory it is giving the error as follows

could not find library

Please tell me how to set the TERMINFO permanently and how to use xpdf

Thank u noc (senior) and xtang for the help. Thank u very much

I don´t uninstall ncurses and i copied the directory /usr/lib/terminfo/q/ to /opt/share/lib/terminfo/q/
The solution for now, seems to work well!
Is it a possible solution or can this one cause any problem to the system?

Bye! :wink: