How to pass data from driver to Application?


I am new to QNX development. I am trying to develop a QNX driver which allocated 8K DMA capable non-paged memory pool and allow to be modified by user application.

I found the article under … -code.html

which seems to be what I need. But there is no sample program. I will very appreciate if you could provide me with some URLs or tutorial.

I am using QNX 6.4.1 with 4.6 QNX Momentics IDE.

Thank you very much!

The documentation on mmap() should be a pretty good start. I think there is a sample.

The first is bulking data from Driver to shared memory, with mmap() a litttle example … ry-in-qnx/

The second developing a Resource Manager and making an access directly with a reply data at open a file descriptor… or with mmap too. … esmgr.html

I don’t know but it’s just an idea.

Hi plauchu,

I very appreciate for the valuable information. This will be very helpful!