usb device driver

im trying to port a linux DD to Qnx ,for which im find the equivqlent structures to be used in Qnx as used in linux.

I could find some structures but could not refer to their content like–

  1. usbd_urb
  2. usbd_device
  3. usbd_interface

Therefore im unable to decide whether the structure can be used or not.
So where can I find the contents of these structures.


Don’t know what a DD (device driver). Don’t expect anything to be common between Linux and QNX as far as device driver goes. You have to know enough about each system to find the equivalent and when there is non to adapt the driver.

While not always written separately, a device driver has two logical parts. The part that talks to the hardware and the part that talks to the OS. The part that talks to the hardware will for the most part be useful. The part that talks to the OS will not. If Linux author separated his/her code logically in this way, you can probably reuse the hardware part. There may be an existing QNX source that this will integrate into.