Install sshd on QNX


the thread from was only partially helpful - I want to install sshd on my evaluation version of QNX but don’t see any chance to do that.

What is the default software installer to install the openssh-package? I could not find anything suitable in the shelf or in the program menu…


Neutrino 6.4.1 comes with ssh.

I afraid not: there are ssh clients available but not the server sshd. But also for other software components that come with such a package: how do I install them?

On my machine there is /usr/sbin/sshd. Look like a server to me.

Not on my setup…but I found the reason, it seems like I installed the wrong version - I found an other iso that had a size of >26, GB instead of 300 MB - and there I found it :slight_smile:

Hi i have a copy of QNX 6.3.1, how i can install sshd.