How to setup USB mass storage device in QNX4?

I try to find information to setup a usb storage device, but can not find any. I have a 2 GB, 16 GB and a 100 GB IDE harddisk in a harddisk enclosure. I download the usb driver from QNX (io-usb and Fsys.umass), but there is not instruction how to set it up. Any one have some experience in this area or some document regarding this subject? I am running QNX 4.25 with latest upgrade (2008).

Plugin your USB Devices and run:

io-usb &
Fsys.umass & — may with parameters: Fsys.umass fsys -l -n Direct-Access=usb

Your device should now already appear as /dev/usb0

mount -p /dev/usb0

should give you the partitions so /dev/usb0tX
with this you can now start the “Fatfsys” driver

PS: We found this as a script quite some while ago at the almighty internet :stuck_out_tongue:

I try but no luck any adivce.
From sin command, I see Fsys.umass is SEND block to io-usb where io-usb si REPLY block 0

If you run usb -v do you see the device. If not it’s posible io-usb doesn’t support the usb controller

Would anyone can recommend the USB compatible card? I would like to get one that work.