Mapping of directories using Photon Application builder(PhAB

Hi all

Is there any way of mapping directories present in the system to the tree structure that I am creating using PhAb?? If so…would like to how… help greatly appreciated

Photon just like most library is made up of small building blocks to create bigger block. You have to learn about all the small block to create bigger one.

I suggest you read the documentation and learn about the existence of every Photon component (Widget). By taking maybe an hour or 2, you`ll get yourself familiar with these components (no need to get down to the detail). Just read the synopsis, that should be good enough.

k…will go through the documentation and incase of any further issues will get back.Thanks.

Hi again…

I have managed to create the tree structure and also am able to display the contents of an XML file using a parser.
Now what i have done is combined the photon application along with the parser program. For running the parser program individually,i used to compile it by using the command

gcc -o -l xml -l expat

Now how do i go about including the above two libraries ‘xml’ and ‘expat’ in the PhAB application. I inted to read the xml file using the parser and create a tree structure in PhAB. Could anyone give directions as to how to proceed…