Can Any One Please Help Me


I Have QNX 6 I Want To Instal Win Xp Pro But When i Do it Errors And a Blue Screen Pops Up I get Through The Installing The Disk Drivers And Stuff But When Its Installing Windows Thats When It Does The Error Then When I rerun The Disk It Gets Past That Part It Gets To The Format Or Delet Or Install On That Drive It Wont Let Me Format Or delet The Partition Ive Tried Putting This On For 2 Months Now So Please Can Some One Help Me I Have A Dell Dimension L 4oo Processor Is A Intel Celeron 256 Of Ram My Email Is :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile: [/b]

this has nothing to do with QNX you`be better ask in a windows forum.

ok thank you