QNX 6.4.x CCID USB driver

Hi all!

Please, give me a hint.

I have to set up usb-connection with CCID device.

  1. Does QNX support it?
  2. Are there any examples or source code? DDK?

Thank You!

So, no one knows?


There is definitely sample source code for doing a USB driver to communicate with a USB device.

But there is nothing specific for CCID devices mostly because they likely all use proprietary information for USB communication so you need to know exactly what the protocol is for your device.

This link claims to have generic code to deal with them so you might grab this code and port it to QNX



Thank You, Tim!

I’ve seen this material.

I use my own, non-standart, protocol to communicate with a CCID class USB device. It seems to be like just a transfer of data buffer (bulk).

I’d like to use USB channel in POSIX-style (open(), read(), write()).
Is it possible?

You could create an open/read/write interface to a device on a USB for which it makes sense.


how could I do it?

Do you mean a coding of a resource manager?

Yes that is what I mean. My point was that it doesn’t make sense to open/read/write to just the USB itself. I suppose that you could create a generic open/read/write/ioctl interface to allow access to any device hooked up to the USB, moving the interface back a layer, but I also think it would be fair to say that it just isn’t done.