wxWidgets for QNX?

Beside QT wxWidgets is the second major portable toolkit that is available on many different platforms. Currently it also runs on embedded platforms Windows CE and XP Embedded (and AFAIK also on Palm OS). So wouldnt’t it be the next logical step especially for QNX to support it too?

Or is it already possible to run it on QNX?



I think that you can try [pkgsrc] / HEAD_641 / pkgsrc / x11 / wxGTK28 on the Foundry27.

You means somewhere at ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/pkgsrc/package … 90724/All/ ? Could not find it…


Not. You can compile yourself the wxWidgets from [pkgsrc] / HEAD_641 / pkgsrc / x11 / wxGTK28

@HansHans: it is a subversion repository you have to check out as described at community.qnx.com/sf/wiki/do/vie … /Bootstrap

Btw: as far as I know this wxWidgets version depends on X and GTK? It would be good to have a port that natively uses the Photon GUI environment, that would make the software much more efficient.

It maybe worth considering re-doing the GUI either in Photon with PhAB, or using Adobe Flash Lite. Both are powerful and easy to use.

I second that.

The wxWidgets from pkgsrc sit on top of X and GTK, means there are several hundred packages that depend on it. So the total amount of software that is required on a system is really huge, not usable for an embedded system.

So a wxWidgets port that natively uses Photon would be a really good thing. Just to get a very small overview which software packages would be possible for QNX in this case: wxwidgets.org/about/screensh.htm#apps


I think having wxwidgets possible under qnx would be great (by means of a phonon part or otherwise) – it would boost popularity of wx as well as qnx!

There was a thread about this on the wx-users mailing list: groups.google.com/group/wx-users … ca1c5b2de1 for the ones interested.

If for some reason you are interested in a port like that, we have WxWidgets expirience and maybe can help you. Question is if it is worth the time for you?
Maybe some other solution might be better! :slight_smile:

@Buder: Although this is not addressed to me, I’d be willing to help porting wxWidgets to QNX natively. But I afraid I can’t do a full time job

As far as I understand the related discussion in wxWidgets mailing list there is/was an alternative possibility to run wxWidgets on QNX using an additional layer (MGL) where the support is or will be dropped from wxWidgets because it is outdated and nobody maintains it. So the wxWidgets project really misses an important port of it, there should be a big interest in a native implementation from their side.

So it seems we are at least three people who are willing to do something for wxWidgets on QNX :slight_smile:

Just to make some initial experiments I tried to compile the current version to see where it fails. Unfortunately the generic, not platform-dependend string class fails with a problem I do not understand:

In file included from include/wx/memory.h:16,
from include/wx/object.h:20,
from include/wx/list.h:33,
from ./src/common/appbase.cpp:32:
include/wx/string.h: In method `wxString::ConvertedBuffer<__wchar_t>::ConvertedBuffer()’:
include/wx/string.h:1227: instantiated from here
include/wx/string.h:3464: confused by earlier errors, bailing out

Any Ideas what could cause this?

Any progress on this topic? I think we’re at least three people now who are willing to work actively on a wxWidgets port for QNX!?

Meanwhile I made some experiments. The bad news:

  • wxWidgets will require QNX 6.4.x, 6.3.x and older will not work due to the ancient compiler
  • Unicode support will not be available, to get it, libpango would be required wich itself depends on cairo, perl, pixman and others

The good news:

There are only some small changes necessary on the non-UI-part of wxWidgets. I’m using the SVN trunk and have first parts compilable. It now fails at some X definitions and headers where the porting to QNX has to start. If somebody is interested in the Patch file for that: simply let me know :slight_smile:

It would be interesting to see your patch.

devel/pango built for me the last time I tried it.


Which version pango did you compile ?

Please find attached the wxWidgets patch. To build until the first X-code please perform the following steps:

  • check out SVN trunk of wxWidgets
  • apply the patch
  • do a ./configure --enable-shared --disable-unicode --enable-universal --without-X --without-X11 (the last two are optionally)
  • go to the top-level Makefile and remove all occurrencies of “-lthread”
  • do a make

pango-1.24.5 which is the current in the HEAD_641 branch.


Doesn’t it require the dependencies as mentioned above? At least from Linux I remember that libpango depends from other things that itself require others and so on.

All its dependencies are building for me. The members
of the list below may have their own dependencies
but they’re also building for me ATM.

/home/seanb >/usr/pkg_new/sbin/pkg_info -n pango
Information for pango-1.24.5: