Someone get me started, please

Hi all.

I discovered yesterday that QNX was free for educational purposes, so I gave it a try. Liked the look and feel of the Live CD so I installed it.

The next step I wanted to take was to get my DWL-AG660 PCMCIA Card working. I discovered the network stack on foundry27 which apparently offered support for Atheros 5212 chipsets. I followed the instructions on the webpage to build the stack from source, and it failed about one minute into compiling, even tough I followed the instructions on howto build a override qmake file stub (whatever that is, anyway).
This could of course be due to me getting the current version, but since there’s no internet availabe (QNX also doesn’t like my xl card) on the target machine, it’s pretty unnerving moving stuff from machine A to machine B.

So, I thought of giving the precompiled binaries a try.

I got the package, untarred it… so now what? I can’t seem to wrap my head around QNX directory structures and how the system works in general.

Maybe someone could find the time to give me a quick walkthrough on how to get the network stack working, or at least point me in the right direction? The documentation on foundry27 seems to be targeted at developers. However, I don’t have the skills to take a quick look at the failing source part and fix it myself.

I don’t mean to sound ignorant because I’m asking for help as soon as there’s some unexpected things happening (I’m used to that, I came to QNX from *BSD), I really want to get it working, and I am stuck.

Thanks for your time.

There is no need to compile anything everything ( pretty much ) is in binary form on the CD. Of course the source on foundry27 is more uptodate, so it is possible there could be new stuff in there.

I always found building from source tree to be a major pain, I never got it to work first time. There is always something missing, some step i missed etc. Since I never really need to build it (it was for fun), I never followed-up.

You may want to post on foundry and ask for the binary is there aren’t on the CD

So the drivers should work out of the box? Or is there some kernel module (or helper program - see, I don’t even know the terminology) that has to be loaded?

Besides, I would really appreciate a pointer towards a documentation for users or sysadmins, if there is such a doc. The integrated help documentation seems to be all about system developers.

No, it’s not. There also is a “Neutrino User’s Guide” in the Help, which is, as the name implies, for users of the system. IMHO it’s a very helpful bookset.

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Yup, they should work out of the box if your chip set is supported.

The drivers are loaded/unloaded by io-net (read more on io-net in the helper program) at run time.