QNX 2.0 or 2.21 Question


The company I work at has a GPD LTS-1500 Automatic Solderer which includes a computer that runs either QNX 2.0 or 2.21. We bought the item used quite a few years ago and it came with no software. I tried the manufacturer and they were not any help except for the fact that they said that it runs QNX operating system. I was wondering if anyone can help me get this up and running.

James S.

So what is the problem that you are running into? Does this computer have a keyboard and monitor? Have you tried powering it on, and if so what did you see?

When you say it came with no software, do you mean there was no hard drive, or there was nothing on the hard drive. For it to “run QNX operating System” there would have to be some custom program to run the solderer as QNX would not come with such a program automatically.