SATA drives

now I want to write a buildfile to support SATA hard drives,I found the 6.2.1 doesn’t support it and 6.3 support it,what’s difference of its driver?

Not sure I understand your question, I mean the difference is that with support for more hardware is added, as simple as that. Note that real SATA (ahci) is only supported since 6.4.x, otherwise its always done via some sort of IDE emulation.

“devb-eide cd dos exec=all cam quiet eide,ioport=0x1f0,irq=14”,this is the line in my build file,I try to use mkifs and rebuild my new boot in qnx6.3,btw the build is same as in qnx6.2.1,the compressed system can be boot,but it can’t find the directory and file I have copied,in other word,the SATA disk can’t be recognized.