how to add template in QNX IDE ie without PhAb

I have made a template in PhAb, now i want to use that template in qnx ide without phab. What are the steps to be done?

I may be a little nieve here but what do you mean by a template?

Maybe this will help. The difference between building a Photon application with or without Phab is a little strange. In principle it should be possible to build the same program with or without Phab although years ago I heard of an internal concern at QNX over this issue.

When you build with Phab as part of the build process, some non-code data is assembled. This includes (what a C++ programmer might call) the instantiation of widgets, as apposed to just the widget code itself. It is also possible to create a database of widgets that is later opened by a program and read from. This all makes it very convenient for being able to see what the various screens will look like without having to code each widget and test.

Once you have preformed the “build” on a Phab application, you are free to modify your *.c files independently of Phab and to compile and link your module. If you run make and take a close look at the messages, you will see a step where the code and data are bound together.

So you could create a basic application with Phab and then clone it (or copy it), providing each version with different customization code, and never have to go back to the Phab program. Is that what you want to do?

It would also be possible in principle to create an application that reads a config file which defines what widgets are used, what their attributes are, and how they interact. This would a lot of work unless the possible interactions are fairly limited.