Importing Code coverage data from target


I have a standard make project and I built the executable with code coverage in it (QNX 6.3). I ran this executable on my target
and was able to see a number of *.da files being created. This should indicate that the code coverage information is
being captured in the target.

But I have problems while importing this data from the target. As per the avialable help, I copied the *.da file to a folder and then tried to import GCC Code Coverage data [color=blue](Using “File->Import->GCC Code Coverage Data” in the QNX IDE). This asks for a Session name and I am not sure how to find out the session name. I tried with random names but as expected it did not succeed. Now I have code coverage data in my target but I am unable to retrieve it.

Can anybody help me :question:


What host are importing to? Windows? The most likely problem has to do with new-line characters. Sometimes Windows programs like two characters, RETURN and LINEFEED while most UNIX systems including QNX prefer a single character. It’s easy to create a program to filter and fix this problem if this is the case.