Help, the system keeps rebooting!

Hi, everybody.

I wrote a program on QNX6.4.1 to collect data from GPS and write it immediately into a txt file. I tested it for 1 or 2 hours, created a txt file about 6mb or more and closed the program. When I tried to open the txt file, the system turned off and keep rebooting. What I mean rebooting is that it started to reboot right before the log in window shew up.

We used a single core onboard computer but I usually booted up the system with default qnxbasesmp and it worked well before.

I turned off the power and wait for a while then booted the system with qnxbase and entered the system. After I opened the txt file and tried to drag the scroll bar to read the data the system turned off and kept rebooting again.

Do anybody know this kind of situation?


Hardware problem mostly?

Yep, I think so. After I changed to the former power box the problem never shows up.

Thanks mario!