start photon error in qnx6.3

when I start phfont,there’s some error meaasge
fatal error-check sloginfo
unable to open font DLL:no such file or directory
what’s matter?

Congratulations! You are the 1000th QNX user having this problem. I’ve reported this issue numerous times, but nothing has really improved.

The problem is that the font rendering DLLs have to be located in a certain path. Check where they are on the host system and put them exactly at the same location on your embedded system. Especially the files under ‘/lib/dll/font’ must be located exactly there, else they cannot be found.

I have put them under /lib/dll/font,how to let them be located exactly ?

thunderblade,Can you help me?


you could try “strings” and see if you can find a path. But i guess the path would be also pointed by the error message on console isn´t it?

I have found the reason,_CS_LIBPATH should be set

I was travelling.

I recommend looking at the ‘Photon minimal build scripts’ on the QNX ‘Foundry27’ Graphics Project: … frs.photon